Picture of GI MB-750 to 870 MHz & 1 GHz - CableServ

GI MB-750 to 870 MHz & 1 GHz

Motorola/GI – A CableServ Amplifier Upgrade® expands the bandwidth of your existing amplifiers, while retaining amplifier spacing. These two factors combine to allow cable operators to gain additional bandwidth, but at the fraction of the cost of purchasing and installing new amplifiers.

CableServ® has applied this cost saving formula to 750 MHz BLE Series Line amplifiers, increasing the bandwidth up to 1 GHz without requiring a change in amplifier spacing*.

*A system survey is required in order to determine the maximum bandwidth that is achievable in relation to existing amplifier spacing.


  • 870 MHz or 1 GHz Line Extender for operation in 750 MHz spaced cable network

Product Features:

  • GaAs technology for maximum performance while reducing current consumption
  • Accepts standard OEM accessories
  • Full 24 month warranty