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CableServ Inc. develops and manufactures market leading products and solutions for broadband operators.
Solutions for cable operators | Picture of CableServ personnel looking at a batch of circuit boards - CableServ
Solutions for cable operators | Picture of two people testing boards at their workstations - CableServ
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Modern cable systems require ongoing upgrades

Ongoing upgrades to the HFC network include forward and return bandwidth, band-split considerations and node segmentation.

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Bandwidth Upgrades |Close up picture of a row of circuit boards - CableServ

Bandwidth Upgrades

CableServ has been helping cable systems upgrade existing amplifiers and return paths for over 35 years. We design and manufacture the components for these upgrades which include drop-in replacement modules, circuit boards, return amplifiers, diplex filters and forward and return equalizers.

Powering Solutions | Picture of SMPSI - CableServ

Powering Solutions

CableServ manufactures power accessory products for the broadband industry such as Status Monitoring Power Supply Interfaces which have become an integral part of outside plant power supply, -48 VDC power supplies for legacy headends, and hub site electronics and power disconnect switches for small cell and wi-fi products.

Headend Amplifiers | Picture of CHAS Headend Module - CableServ

Headend Products

Our expertise in the industry allowed us to design the CHAS® Headend Amplifier System. The CHAS family of headend amplifiers includes 1 GHZ and 1.2 GHz platforms, status monitoring, RF and power redundancy, as well as necessary features required in today’s headend and hub site environment.

Legacy Optical Solutions | Picture of return transmitter - CableServ

Legacy Optical Solutions

CableServ manufactures DFB transmitters, CWDM solutions for legacy nodes, RF and band split upgrades to nodes, RF to optical products and micro nodes. These solutions provide affordable alternatives to fully replacing existing optical equipment.

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CableServ’s engineering group has helped cable operators develop creative and cost effective HFC solutions that focus on upgrading currently installed equipment