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CableServ® SM-PS-I

When faced with the challenge of implementing status monitoring of the CATV network power supplies, the traditional way to accomplish this is to collocate a status monitoring device in the power supply cabinet and inject the DOCSIS signals it generates into the CATV network via a drop cable and a RF coupler. In some situations limited space inside conduits or the long distance between power supplies and the RF network makes this traditional method of inserting the status monitoring signals difficult and costly.


  • Replace AC power to 5/8” connector with combined AC & RF Interface

Product Features:

  • Single network interconnect carrying system power and DOCSIS RF monitoring signals
  • RF level control with SXP Pad
  • RFI shielded cast aluminium package
  • AC Test Points
  • Emergency AC interconnect facility
  • Built-in surge suppressor
  • Full 24 month limited warranty