Picture of SA Trunk Station to 625 and 750 - CableServ

SA Trunk Station to 625 and 750

Cisco/Scientific Atlanta – A CableServ Amplifier Upgrade® expands the bandwidth of your existing amplifiers, while retaining amplifier spacing. These two factors combine to allow cable operators to gain additional bandwidth, but at the fraction of the cost of purchasing and installing new amplifiers.

CableServ® has applied this cost saving formula to Scientific Atlanta Trunk Stations, increasing the bandwidth up to 625 or 750 without requiring a change in amplifier spacing*.

*A system survey is required in order to determine the maximum bandwidth that is achievable in relation to existing amplifier spacing.


  • 450 or 550 MHz MHz Scientific Atlanta Trunk and Bridger Modules Upgraded to 625 or 750 MHz without requiring re-spacing

Product Features:

  • GaAs PHD Technology for maximum performance
  • Built-on 42/53 MHz Diplex Filters
  • Eliminates Need to Order Diplex Filters separately
  • Built-on Response Correction Control
  • Built-on Interstage Slope and Gain Controls
  • 12A Power Passing Capability
  • Utilizes either a standard CableServ Padded EQ TM or SA Input Equalizer
  • Full 24 month warranty