Picture of Padded EQ for GI / Motorola - CableServ

Padded EQ for GI / Motorola

Motorola/GI – CableServ has developed the patented CableServ® Padded Equalizer by separating the reactive and resistive elements of a CATV amplifier equalizer or slope control into two distinct entities. The reactive element is contained on a circuit board plug-in carrier which establishes the equalization bandwidth. The carrier remains installed in the amplifier equalizer or slope location depending on the amplifier model.


  • Equalizers for General Instrument / Motorola Amplifiers that employ the GI EQ Series of Equalizers. This includes SX Trunk Station, JLX and BLE Line Extenders, MB Mini Bridgers

Product Features:

  • Patented technology eliminates the need for proprietary fixed equalizers of various values, some of which will never be used
  • Uses inexpensive pads (attenuators) native to the OEM amplifier
  • Simplified, accurate and stable set-up and maintenance
  • Full 24 Month Limited Warranty