Picture of Padded EQ for C-COR - CableServ

Padded EQ for C-COR

Arris/C-COR – CableServ has developed the patented CableServ ® Padded Equalizer by separating the reactive and resistive elements of a CATV amplifier equalizer or slope control into two distinct entities. The reactive element is contained on a circuit board plug-in carrier which establishes the equalization bandwidth. The carrier remains installed in the amplifier equalizer or slope location depending on the amplifier model. What this means is that you adjust the slope by plugging in a SPB pad.


  • Reverse Equalizers for C-COR E5 Line Extender

Product Features:

  • Patented technology eliminates the need for proprietary fixed equalizers of various values, some of which will never be used
  • Uses pads (attenuators) native to the OEM amplifier
  • Simplified, accurate and stable set-up and maintenance
  • Full 24 Month Limited Warranty