CHAS-2® Dual Sense A/B Switch - CableServ

CHAS-2® Dual Sense A/B Switch

CableServ has developed the CHAS2 Dual Sensing RF Redundant Transfer Switch as an additional component of the CHAS2 Headend Amplifier System. Designed as a modular unit similar to the CHAS2 Power Supply and Amplifier Modules, the RF Switch fits into any slot in the CHAS® Chassis.

The CHAS2 Dual Sensing A/B SWX is an RF power transfer design that will automatically switch between a Primary and Secondary RF source. Any two RF sources may be employed, as the RF Switch senses the average power of the Primary (A) source and transfers to the Secondary (B) source when the (A) source drops below a set threshold level.


  • Final Headend Amplifier Redundancy
  • Multi-purpose Back-up Switching for any two RF sources

Product Features:

  • Senses Primary & Secondary signal sources
  • Part of the CHAS2 family of Headend Amplifier System modules
  • 0.5 mW to 50 mW Threshold Control Range
  • Max. 20 ms automatic signal transfer time
  • SCTE compliant precision machined F-connectors
  • Low through loss and high isolation
  • 5 – 1000 MHz Bandwidth
  • LED power and RF source indicator
  • -20 dB Test Point
  • Full 24 Month Limited Warranty