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CHAS-2® Amplifier and Power Supply Modules

At the heart of the CHAS2 Headend Amplifier System is the CHAS2 Headend Amplifier Module. The amplifiers feature separate RF and DC compartments for maximum EMI shielding, as well as large vertical fins that dissipate heat efficiently, eliminating the need for cooling fans.

All amplifiers are 1 GHz and have four (4) ports: signal input, signal output, input test and output test point.*

*Narrowcast amplifier models have an inject port in place of the input test point.


  • RF Amplifier Modules for CHAS2 Headend Amplifier System

Product Features

  • Excellent heat dissipation without fans
  • Continuous Gain and Slope Control adjustable without signal interruption
  • Hot swappable
  • RF Signal Level Alarm with Threshold Adjustment
  • Input Test Point OR Narrowcast Injection Port
  • Power redundancy with any two power sources
  • 5 – 1003 MHz bandwidth
  • SNMP monitoring ready
  • -20 dB Output Test Point
  • Full 24 Month Limited Warranty