CableServ® UBT, BT, HGDL, LGDL Mid-Split or High Band-Split Upgrade - Cableserv

CableServ® Standard Port Node Split Upgrade Kit

Cisco/Scientific Atlanta – The mid-split/high-split upgrade for the Cisco GainMaker System Amplifier series, consists of new diplex filters as well as a forward HPF/RC and reverse module. The kit fits both 870 MHz and 1 GHz versions while preserving the existing downstream operating parameters.


  • Cisco GainMaker UBT, BT, HGDL, LGDL series of amplifiers both 870MHz and 1GHz versions

Product Features:

  • Easy Setup
  • High isolation diplex filters
  • Plug-in forward HPF/RC and reverse module
  • Reverse module field configurable for 870MHz or 1 GHz versions
  • 2-year warranty