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CableServ® Small Cell Disconnect Switch

With the ever-increasing demand for more data through mobile devices there is a need to implement new technologies to handle the increased traffic. Among the tools available to the broadband industry is the use of small cell technology. By using small cells, a mobile network can improve both coverage and capacity. Whether a MSO is providing backhaul services to a MNO or is entering the wireless market, the small cell concept can be a valuable technology. However, due to the controversy surrounding the health risks in the immediate vicinity of the radiating signal many municipalities are requiring a power disconnect switch to shut the small cell off when workers are present on the pole or within the immediate area.


  • Power disconnect to small cell

Product Features:

  • RFI shielded cast aluminum package
  • Delayed disconnect via use of relay
  • LED indicator provides visual verification that switch is activated
  • 2.5 inch strand bracket
  • Full 24 month limited warranty