Engineering Technician


Assist engineering technologist in building prototypes and engineering circuit board samples as required.

Assist the production/fabrication team in building pre-production (PPR) circuit boards and RF amplifier subsystems.

Provide technical feedback to Engineering Technologist and design team of all issues found during the PPR fabrication.


Communicating with the Engineering Design team ways to improve prototype and PPR samples to reduce final production time.

Provide hands-on assistance to our fabrication team in the running of PPR batches.

Documenting and Communicating issues found during production runs of circuit boards and RF amplifiers.

Job Responsibilities

Perform requested mechanical processes (cutting, drilling, installing eyelets, etc.).

Build prototypes and troubleshoot 5-1218 MHz amplifier circuits.

Repair and test faulty RF amplifiers.

Use a Network Analyzer to test, confirm and document amplifier specification.

Assist Engineering staff to catalogue, maintain and store engineering samples.

Formal Education/Training Required

Post Secondary Electronics, minimum 1 year in the CATV industry preferable.

Hands-on skills using mechanical tools, soldering iron. Experience with Oscilloscopes, network and spectrum analyzers.

Competent in electronic assembly processes; SMT and Through Hole components.

Knowledge of 5-1218 MHz amplifiers, RF circuits and Fibre Optics.

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