Electronic Assembler


Remove and install Surface Mount components from new or rebuilt PCB.

Remove and install through hole components.

Provide feedback to Engineering Team regarding issues during product assembly.


Communicating with the Engineering Design team ways to improve prototype and PPR samples to reduce final production time.

Manually place and solder components such as resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors and integrated circuits.

Work from specified drawings to place components on circuit boards by hand soldering.

Job Responsibilities

Perform requested mechanical processes (cutting, drilling, installing eyelets, etc.).

Assemble prototypes, engineering samples and final products.

Read and interpret diagrams to ensure proper placement of components on PCB.

Solder and removing components on circuit boards.

Assist with packaging and shipment of finished products.

Formal Education/Training Required

Radio Frequency circuit board assembly.

Hands-on skills of mechanical tools, soldering iron.

Competent in electronic assembly processes; SMT and through hole components.

Basic Electronics an asset.

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