CableServ® FM601 1.2 GHz Mid/High-Split - CableServ

CableServ® FM601 1.2 GHz Mid/High-Split

To provide an easy and cost-effective transition from legacy series amplifiers to 1.2GHz Downstream with Mid/High Split. Our solution uses the existing housing and allows for 870/1002/1218 MHz downstream frequency ranges as well as 42/54, 85/105 or 204/258 MHz band-splits. The FM601 Trunk-Bridger module contains a new power supply and is compatible with legacy plug-ins.


  • Increasing Bandwidth up to 1218 MHz
  • Optional band split: 42/54, 85/105 and 204/258 MHz

Product Features:

  • Easy Setup and Installation
  • High performance gain blocks
  • Plug-in high isolation Diplex Filters
  • New Power Supply
  • 2-year warranty