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CableServ® Return Transmitter for MOTOROLA SG1 Series - Cableserv

CableServ® Return Transmitter for MOTOROLA SG1 Series

These high performance return transmitters perform equal to or better than the original manufacturer’s products. For Cable Operators launching Telephony, CableServ offers DFB return transmitters that directly replace the original low performance Fabry-Perot devices, offering increased performance.

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MOR-RFoG Cableserv

CableServ® MOR-RFoG-A Euro Spec

MOR-RFoG-A is a 1 GHz compact size two-way node for DOCSIC FTTH architecture. It provides excellent forward and reverse path performance combined with high reliability and a user-friendly layout.

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CHAS-2® Headend Amplifier System - Cableserv

CHAS-2® Headend Amplifier System

The CHAS-2® Headend Amplifier System is designed to meet the challenges of modern headends. Our focus on customer needs and cutting-edge headend technology has produced the most advanced offering available.

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