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CableServ introduces QAM AGC upgrades for Legacy RF Amplifiers


CableServ Inc. introduces QAM AGC’s for legacy amplifiers. Based on the extensive experience that CableServ Inc. has with upgrading bandwidth in CATV amplifiers, we have extended this to upgrading existing analog AGC’s to operate on Digital QAM carriers. By upgrading to either standard 609MHz or 711MHz, systems are able to eliminate the need to retain Analog Pilot Carriers, thus regaining 6MHz of additional bandwidth. CableServ’s QAM solutions are currently available as field drop-in modules for GI/MOTOROLA® ACB and ADU models, Scientific Atlanta® SYSTEM and LE models, Philips® GNA/TNA models and ACI/AUGAT® models. C-COR® FNT, FNB and LEs can be factory upgraded to QAM operation. See Legacy Upgrades section for more info.

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